Sunday, 8 May 2011

New chunky beads!

I finished these new necklaces on Thursday at the Maker's studio and I absolutely love them!  I found the large wooden beads, which inspired me to make some complimenting paper ones that I could mix with some quirky buttons.  The papers used are vintage patchwork patterns which give them a homely, nostalgic feel. I've already sold 2 (at the Made with Love market bazaar on Saturday) so I am in the process of making more paper pulp to build more chunky, organically shaped beads.  I will be at the Maker again this Thursday, 10-2:30 if anyone would like to pop in and say hi.  It's such a beautiful environment to work in, with plenty of other artists to draw inspiration from, plus sweeping views of the sea (and really good coffee, which is a must!)  I am also in the process of trying to make more things to put on 'madeit' web site, which is tricky when you have stores waiting on orders from you.  If anyone has any advice on how to do 'madeit' well, can you please let me know? Until next time, enjoy life abundantly xox

Oh, here's some more new pieces.....
Single small pendants

lady pendant: 'I believe'

2 mushroom pendants: 'Hope, joy and love'
'None can compare' (SOLD)

tree pendant: 'I watch the wind blow'
flower pendant: 'Your love is everything'

earthy pebbles on chocolate leather

muted pattern pebbles on green waxed cotton

butterfly pendant: 'Carry me away'

tree pendant: 'Shelter me'(SOLD)

2 daisy pendants

vintage pastel beads: 'Live with love'

heart pendant: 'Fall in love'

heart pendant: 'Discover me'

black and white heart: 'Fall in love'

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! I'm so thrilled to see you have a beautiful blog for your work :)
    Wore my necklace today and enjoyed it very much!


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