Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Busy happy days

Wow, so a lot's been happening lately which is fab, but on a bad note it means that I'm an infrequent blogger!   This week I sent away two more orders to new stores on the 'mainland' which makes me feel very excited and content with how my little arty business is progressing.  We are in the middle of school hols right now, and in our tiny beach shack with my 3 rugrats it is a very colourful, chaotic and crazy but cool time.  When I do grab the chance to make new necklaces I am LOVING creating new designs with differing colour schemes and patterns.  That is my all time fave part of what I do creatively.  I like to make each necklace unique, however I have started making some similar pieces (similar in colour, pattern, shape or design) as I have found that popularity makes it impossible to make each completely different!  Here's some newies:

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