Monday, 29 August 2011

To the big smoke I go!

I found out last week that I have received some arts funding to exhibit in a Hobart gallery! Woohoo, a tad excited, I am.  Now I just need to have the right work made and ready to go, a travel companion or two, babysitter for the kidlinks and an available husband (I mean MY husband to be available to look after fam, oh dear that sounded good!)  Ive been really wanting a Hobart stockist, and Ive been waiting for a few months (ages in my book) but these things do happen at the right time in the right season.  So I best get back to work; its my 2nd chid-free day left before school hols and I think I need all the time I can get! Here's my new simple pieces for summer- some for sale at the Makers Workshop:

Little girl and some lady stretchy bracelets

Little girl or lady necklaces

                                             Single pendants on leather: house and tree

                                            Little girl's stretchy necklaces

                                            Unisex necklaces: Ive finally made some boy things!

Monday, 15 August 2011

New tags!

 Yay, I finally have a professional looking tag, and they're fab because they double as my business card as well.  There are 6 different backs, so I can showcase a range of my work at the same time as giving people my general info. Print Domain even drilled the holes for 70% of them - what a bonus!  I was able to also use the logo I designed with a collage of Japanese papers, which I photographed on of my vintage silk scarves for a nicely detailed background.  I like everything I make to have the right kinda mix of  coastal, earthy, gypsy, boho vibe and I think my card details this:

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