Friday, 27 May 2011

Gifts for special friends

I have a very special friend, who I don't see a lot of, but has a special place in my heart and who moves me with her courage in such difficult life situations.  I had the idea to make her a special necklace, that I hoped would bless her; reminding her of who she is and who she has in this life.  It is also based on a bible scripture that is really inspiring as it describes our identity.  We are loved and delighted in and we can live life freely, without fear of rejection or punishment.  Here's the necklace...
It is amazing the depth of meaning that is caught up in one simple, single word xxxx

Saturday, 21 May 2011

new stockist!

I get a bit excited when I find a new stockist - particularly one where Ive fallen in love with them and I want to buy all their things!  As soon as I walked through the doors, heard the Stones playing (A & J) and saw the array of beautiful textures and muted colour patterns in display, I would have to say it was actually love at first sight.  So the store is called 'Content', and exists on Brisbane St Launceston.  If you're keen to have a peek, and you live a couple of hours away like me, they have a facebook page and blog.  Anyway, back to the gorgeous things - they had a Mozi girly quilt in white with hot pink and orange patterns all over it, that had a hand-drawn quality to them (sigh) and I envisioned it looking amazing in my little Avy baby's room.  The only major problem with this is that her room is a caravan at the moment with no room for such a beautiful item...We sound like gypsies don't we; living at Sisters Beach in an 8 sqr shack with an attached caravan...But oh well it's just for a time, and living at Sisters Beach in a tiny shack is tonnes better then living in a mansion in town (that's what we reckon anyway).
So, back to Content and my things they now have for sale (imagine the Stones or Audreys or Norah playing as a backing track..)
'Take shelter' house pendant

purple and green stone beads

blue and pastel themed pebble beads

'Full of life' daisy pendant

pastel mixed media beads

'Take refuge' tree pendant

'Discover me' heart pendant

black and white stones 

Thanks for looking and have a fabulous rainy afternoon.  Jac xox

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New things for sale at the Makers workshop

Hi again! Thought I better put my new things on display - I'm quite proud of these new chunky style beads, and I've found that I quite enjoy wearing one with a scarf over the top, so that you get a hint of both decorative pieces at once!  I am making them in different colour themes and with a mix of Japanese patterns as well as vintage patchwork designs.  Ahh I love mixing interesting colours and patterns together, particularly a muted colour palette.  Here they are...

Do I look like I like having my photo taken?

Hi, thought I better put something new on the blog (they say an outdated blog is worse than having no blog at all).  I've noticed lately that someone would possibly think that I LOVE having my photo in the paper...I've only been in there 3 times in the last month! It's only the local paper (the 'Advocate') so it's not like I'm gonna be famous or anything, but still.  I find this hilarious since I avoid pictures like the plague normally, but I think that once you put yourself out there and start fbooking, blogging, selling your wares around the place: it all becomes a part of marketing your product and helping people to know who you are and what you do.  I'm going to put them on here so that you can see what I've been up to (except for the 1 taken at a gallery opening - I don't love seeing myself that much!)

So, as you can see, it looks like I love seeing myself in print, but well actually, what I really is what I do and the fact that others seem to love it as well.  Now, to get off topic, I was chatting to an amazing artist who works at the Maker and is full time in her arts practice: Janine Morris (Second Sister - check out her blog).
I am catching her pearls of wisdom as I begin this creative journey of 'making art for a living'.  The best pearl she gave me that day, was in regards to time management.  Working out how much time you practically have in a week to 'make' and how many things can you make in that time.  Well, I've been feeling like I'm "burning the candle at both ends" because I am trying to squeeze in as much art as possible whilst being an acceptable wife and mother.  Anyway, to cut this story short, I am learning to put boundaries on how many art opportunities I take on - and keep my art in a box so I don't let it take over all other parts of my life!  Thanks Janine for helping me to be a wise, sane, responsible and practical artist.  Its certainly a journey - and I'm not there yet!  Oh well, we're students of life; we learn as we go.  And (I'm choosing to) enjoy the process.  
Jac xx

Sunday, 8 May 2011

New chunky beads!

I finished these new necklaces on Thursday at the Maker's studio and I absolutely love them!  I found the large wooden beads, which inspired me to make some complimenting paper ones that I could mix with some quirky buttons.  The papers used are vintage patchwork patterns which give them a homely, nostalgic feel. I've already sold 2 (at the Made with Love market bazaar on Saturday) so I am in the process of making more paper pulp to build more chunky, organically shaped beads.  I will be at the Maker again this Thursday, 10-2:30 if anyone would like to pop in and say hi.  It's such a beautiful environment to work in, with plenty of other artists to draw inspiration from, plus sweeping views of the sea (and really good coffee, which is a must!)  I am also in the process of trying to make more things to put on 'madeit' web site, which is tricky when you have stores waiting on orders from you.  If anyone has any advice on how to do 'madeit' well, can you please let me know? Until next time, enjoy life abundantly xox

Oh, here's some more new pieces.....
Single small pendants

lady pendant: 'I believe'

2 mushroom pendants: 'Hope, joy and love'
'None can compare' (SOLD)

tree pendant: 'I watch the wind blow'
flower pendant: 'Your love is everything'

earthy pebbles on chocolate leather

muted pattern pebbles on green waxed cotton

butterfly pendant: 'Carry me away'

tree pendant: 'Shelter me'(SOLD)

2 daisy pendants

vintage pastel beads: 'Live with love'

heart pendant: 'Fall in love'

heart pendant: 'Discover me'

black and white heart: 'Fall in love'

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