Saturday, 21 May 2011

new stockist!

I get a bit excited when I find a new stockist - particularly one where Ive fallen in love with them and I want to buy all their things!  As soon as I walked through the doors, heard the Stones playing (A & J) and saw the array of beautiful textures and muted colour patterns in display, I would have to say it was actually love at first sight.  So the store is called 'Content', and exists on Brisbane St Launceston.  If you're keen to have a peek, and you live a couple of hours away like me, they have a facebook page and blog.  Anyway, back to the gorgeous things - they had a Mozi girly quilt in white with hot pink and orange patterns all over it, that had a hand-drawn quality to them (sigh) and I envisioned it looking amazing in my little Avy baby's room.  The only major problem with this is that her room is a caravan at the moment with no room for such a beautiful item...We sound like gypsies don't we; living at Sisters Beach in an 8 sqr shack with an attached caravan...But oh well it's just for a time, and living at Sisters Beach in a tiny shack is tonnes better then living in a mansion in town (that's what we reckon anyway).
So, back to Content and my things they now have for sale (imagine the Stones or Audreys or Norah playing as a backing track..)
'Take shelter' house pendant

purple and green stone beads

blue and pastel themed pebble beads

'Full of life' daisy pendant

pastel mixed media beads

'Take refuge' tree pendant

'Discover me' heart pendant

black and white stones 

Thanks for looking and have a fabulous rainy afternoon.  Jac xox

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