Thursday, 28 April 2011

For sale at 3 Windows Gallery, Oatlands

Hello again! My lovely sister left for Hobart this morning, taking 10 necklaces and 1 wall hanging to a quirky little gallery in Oatlands on her way - thanks my gorgeous Beth!  I'm hanging to check out Oatlands again, (one day without kids) as there are some great little antique, clothing and homewares stores, plus an apparently award winning bakery....It's a nice dream anyway.  We have a 'Made with Love' market coming up on 7th May in Wynyard, so I m trying to make some mother's day goodies.  'Try' is the operative word, as the kiddies are still on easter break, so there's not alot of arty crafty goin on.  Them's the breaks!  I'm looking forward to my 'maker' spot at the Maker's Workshop on Thursday...a lovely little island of serene creative energy once a fortnight..aaahh bliss. 

pastel plus purple themed jewels

'Freedom' bird

'Forever and always' heart pendant

earthy pebbles on green thread

'All is good' tree pendant

'Trust with all your heart' discs on baby pink thread

red pebbles on red leather

'Love, peace and gentleness' earthy beads on tan leather

'All is well with my soul' red wall hanging


  1. Such beautiful things ... and gaining so much attention in the gallery already ... thanks Jaclyn.

  2. Awesome Tash, I'm so glad that you like them. From your pics on web page, your gallery is a mix of vibrant, decorative colours which is what inspires me, so thanks to you!


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