Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Do I look like I like having my photo taken?

Hi, thought I better put something new on the blog (they say an outdated blog is worse than having no blog at all).  I've noticed lately that someone would possibly think that I LOVE having my photo in the paper...I've only been in there 3 times in the last month! It's only the local paper (the 'Advocate') so it's not like I'm gonna be famous or anything, but still.  I find this hilarious since I avoid pictures like the plague normally, but I think that once you put yourself out there and start fbooking, blogging, selling your wares around the place: it all becomes a part of marketing your product and helping people to know who you are and what you do.  I'm going to put them on here so that you can see what I've been up to (except for the 1 taken at a gallery opening - I don't love seeing myself that much!)

So, as you can see, it looks like I love seeing myself in print, but well actually, what I really is what I do and the fact that others seem to love it as well.  Now, to get off topic, I was chatting to an amazing artist who works at the Maker and is full time in her arts practice: Janine Morris (Second Sister - check out her blog).
I am catching her pearls of wisdom as I begin this creative journey of 'making art for a living'.  The best pearl she gave me that day, was in regards to time management.  Working out how much time you practically have in a week to 'make' and how many things can you make in that time.  Well, I've been feeling like I'm "burning the candle at both ends" because I am trying to squeeze in as much art as possible whilst being an acceptable wife and mother.  Anyway, to cut this story short, I am learning to put boundaries on how many art opportunities I take on - and keep my art in a box so I don't let it take over all other parts of my life!  Thanks Janine for helping me to be a wise, sane, responsible and practical artist.  Its certainly a journey - and I'm not there yet!  Oh well, we're students of life; we learn as we go.  And (I'm choosing to) enjoy the process.  
Jac xx


  1. Ha ha i had to laugh at the term "acceptable wife and mother"

  2. Yeah M, what does 'acceptable' mean? I have NO idea, except that I couldn't think of a better word...Maybe a "loving wife and mother"- does that cover it better? From 1 loving lady to another xxx


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