Saturday, 9 July 2011

What to do next?

Met with a lovely lady last week who is the local arts officer along the coast of Tassie.  She inspired me to think about WHAT Im doing and WHY I'm doing it.  Do I make a mass produced range of similar products that I can sell on a national scale, or do I keep making unique, one-off pieces , but increase the value? Decisions, decisions - do people really value one-of-a-kind, or do they like mainstream "what everyone else has"?  My only answer to that is there are lots of different 'theys' out there, who each different values.  So I guess it's up to me: what do I want to do?  Well that came to me quickly whilst in this art meeting.  I love making individual pieces that are mini wearable artworks!  I love experimenting and trying new ways of necklace making, and I get bored with repetition! So there's my answer: keep making unique and add the value that I believe it is due! Here's some new ish pieces:

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