Monday, 6 June 2011

School holidays!

Hi people, it's that time of year when life is a little crazy and noisy, with lots of running around, crumbs on the floor and toys piled up in unusual places. Yep, it's school break time.  I do look forward to having my boys home and spending time doing stuff (riding bikes, walking to park in coats, playing board games, watching movie with freshly made popcorn) but it does mean that my artistic ideas fall to the wayside.  Although I do remember in the last term break, actually really attempting to be arty, and mostly when Avy baby had her day sleep while the boys played lego or computer games.  And I did manage to get stuff made and juggling everything was ok....but I do realise now that I ended up at the end of the 2 weeks feeling tired and drained.  So, there does come a time when you need to have breaks and have some time to just BE and ENJOY and DREAM. That way, when the boys go back to school I will hopefully be energised and ready to go again.
I have been steadily making jewellery in any and every spare moment since last September, when they began to sell really well...that's 9 months of busy making!  I think as an artist, you can live on adrenaline, waiting for the next high of sales, and then ' putting your nose to the grindstone' to make the next batch for the next stockist for the next high...and the cycle continues till you are worn out.  So what have I learnt over this year of making 'Avy Loves Ned'?  There is a time for everything; a time for working and a time for rest. See you after the school holidays! Jac xox

Here's the last pieces I made (before holidays) and sent to Sydney:

(heart on left sent to Sydney and right heart a gift for a friend)

'Aroha' is Maori word for 'Love'
'Attaahua' is Maori word for "Beautiful'

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